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Thread: call routing based on extension qurdro 2x

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    Post call routing based on extension qurdro 2x

    I am trying to create a filter so that when a call is placed form FXS 1 (ext 11) it will automatically select a specified sip trunk without using a prefix or destination number pattern?

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    Does it mean that irrelevant to the number dialed on ext. 11, you want the call to be connected via specified trunk?
    If it is true then you have to create a CR rule with destination number pattern: "*" and source filter: PBX:11 and then in all other outbound CR rules create source filters prohibiting the calls from ext. 11.

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    Thanks hrant I was able to piece together what I want to do and created it in the Call routing table in the following manner.
    Destination numbering pattern ?????????? (10) for 10 digit calling
    Call settings specified the IP-PSTN that I wanted to use
    Source number pattern to the extension (11)
    source type to PBX
    I am now able to do direct dialing out on extension 11 to all local dialing codes in the area.

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