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Thread: Many Call-Routing with same pattern. (how to)

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    Angry Many Call-Routing with same pattern. (how to)


    On my quadro there is only 1 ISDN port (2 channel) + 1 sip provider for voip calls,
    I'm trying to make a configuration so that the first 2 calls are made ​​with ISDN (all 2-channel) and then the third call, use SIP -VoIP.

    I've created 2 Call routing table:

    1) ISDN ROUTING --> 0* | NDS1 | METRIC 10
    2) VOIP-SIP ROUTING-> 0* | NDS1 | METRIC 15

    But doesn't work! when both 2 ISDN Channel are busy, quadro don't use the SIP routing!
    Anyone can help me ?

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    Try the use of the Fail Over definitions in the Call Routing wizard. This would achieve what you want to do. When this routing fails, say BUSY or Network Failure, it uses the subsequent routing to make the call.

    Hope it helps you.

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