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Thread: snom 820/821 autodial on quadro 6L

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    Default snom 820/821 autodial on quadro 6L

    Hi Epygi gurus

    one of my staff absolutely hates the "phone system" snom 820. I could not figure out why (I like it to an unhealthy extent) so put a similar handset in for myself (821). It turns out that you do not get time to dial 8 digits if like me you have to check half way through the numbers, as autodial cuts in (about 2 seconds I would guess) and the call fails.
    Oddly enough autodial is supposed to be off by default.
    Oddly enough the autodial is greyed out on the web for the snoms, even with administrator rights.
    Oddly enough the Astra handsets do not do this, you can enter the number and it patiently awaits you pushing the dial button (desired behaviour).
    I clearly would prefer to do this from the epygi so it remains configured on reboot of the phones.
    I cannot find a place in the gui of the epygi to set the timeout on dialled numbers. Is there one?

    Regards chrisr

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    Hi Chrisr

    Snom has a dial plan, which controls dialed digits sequence. If digits sequence matches with any of dial plan's rule the phone immediately starts to dial. Otherwise the phone applies "Auto Dial" feature.

    Quadro provides dial plan rules in centralized way for native PBX services and extensions only. You can find it in Line Settings -> IP Line Settings -> Manage IP Phones Templates in Snom section/tab. The dialing rules field can be changed or simply left blank. You need to create and apply a new template either for all IP Lines by "Phones Default Template" field or for group/single of IP Lines by setting up template for each of them (use "IP Line NN" link).

    What refers to Auto Dial timeout, the field appears "off" and gray because Quadro controls this field. This value can be changed from Quadro's Web UI Main menu -> Telephony -> Dial Timeout. It is defined 4 sec as a default value. Please, do not forget to reboot the phone after changes.


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