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    Hi All

    Does anyone have an experience porting numbers from BT in the UK to an ITSP? I have a dilemma on a project whether to ports numbers across to the ITSP or use the BT incoming lines. As there are 3 incoming lines of the same number i would need to use the FXO box in conjunction with a 2x plus the standard PBX. It seems a bit messy with all of these boxes, number porting would be a much cleaner setup but will it be reliable?

    Any comments or views would be greatly appreciated.


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    I have ported two Bt numbers to Voip Talk (its not eay to find the section that deals with number porting) so they ring the epygi dont use the many IP ringing on voip talk as if one ip number goes off line it kills the rest, it works well, I have a number of locations and can dial out via the Voip talk account from any location or extension, I could not get any help on how to do his but found it out myself, also the other problem is, when the call comes in via pstn, you don't know what number is ringing on the ip phones, so I had to setup extra extensions on the ip phones so some ip phones have three extensions. you have the main ext say 43 and ext 44 = pstn line 1 and ext 45= pstn line 2 so you set up a many ext ring by dummy ext for each pstn line to call the group of ext that you want to ring for each incomming line, hope this helps

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    Thanks for the info.

    Were you given clear timing of when the porting was due to happen and if so was it accurate? I am dealing with a business and cannot afford any downtime.


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    Porting Authorization Code (PAC) is a unique identifier used by mobile service provider and fixed-line telephone network providers to facilitate mobile number portability.

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    porting authorization code allows users to retain their mobile telephone number when switching operators..~~

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    This guide to porting a telephone number is applicable to wire line and inter modal ports only and does not address porting numbers between wireless service.
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