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Thread: Incoming and outgoing calls from ITSP

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    Default Incoming and outgoing calls from ITSP

    Hi. I've managed to get lots of things working on our new Quadro 4L, but ITSP incoming and outgoing calls are not currently one of them.

    I have an account with iiNet, and on the Quadro Status - SIP Registration Status page, the account shows as registered.

    With outgoing calls, I get a "Number dialled does not exist" recording that appears to come from the Quadro.

    In the system logs, I just noticed that with outgoing calls, if I have dialled (say) 95787600, the log entry says that the call was to, which seems to be wrong to me - why does it say ""? I'm guessing that's why the number doesn't exist.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I need to change so that outbound calls dialled with the 8 prefix go through my ITSP instead of Epygi?

    With inbound calls to the SIP phone number, the caller gets a "not available" recording that I believe is coming from the ITSP, not from the Quadro. That suggests (to me, anyway!) that the Quadro is refusing the call. Could this be what's happening? Any hints on what I can change to fix it?


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    It is difficult to suggest what you need to change, because there isn't any information what is done. The iiNet account registration status in SIP Registration Status page isn't enough.

    Anyway, regarding the outbound call. If you want to use the prefix 8 certainly for calls to iiNet, then edit the default created routing rule for calling to SIP addresses in server and change prefix 8 to something else (say 7) there.

    Regarding the incoming calls. How you managed the account on the Quadro, where the incoming calls are routed to, what was the distribution for DID numbers? These are the main questions clearly described in many of Quadro-ITSP guides. Please have a look to one of them following the path: Support Center » Downloads » Support Resources » ITSP Config Guides.


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