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Thread: Quadro telephone directory

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    Default Quadro telephone directory

    G'day from Oz,
    Do Quadro's support a telephone directory that will present the name rather than number when there's a match?

    I see Snom 300, 320 et-al support this but would prefer to manage this centrally, rather than at each phone.
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    Well, similar feature exists in the Quadro for a long time - its the distinctive ringing (the "Nickname" part).
    But you have to configure that for each extension separately from a Quadro webgui. I think this is pretty natural, as every extension user himself could define how to call the calling person... The same number could be "my dear boss" for one person, "that annoying as..hole" for another one..

    But it looks like you want this feature to be configured in one single place for all users, so you want to give a single global name to each calling number. Generally speaking, that is also possible if you use "caller ID" based modifications in Call Routing Table (rewrite "Display name").

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