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Thread: Firmware Version: 5.3.6 IVR 16X

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    Unhappy Firmware Version: 5.3.6 IVR 16X

    We have 16x and upgraded to lates Firmware Version: 5.3.6 and it has Boot loader: 3.1.31
    the system has is:
    NAND Flash 64MB
    FXS 16 Ports
    FXO 4 Ports

    When I want to build an IVR as per the Firmware doc, it is not available on our system?
    the PBX still displays only the old method for building an IVR

    Any suggestions as to why?



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    Hi Sean,

    The customized scenario in not available on your system. The 16x is an old HW and it reached end of sale. Thus some of the Quadro new features are not available there.


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