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Thread: call queue with option to press 1 leave msg

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    Default call queue with option to press 1 leave msg

    I don't have much experience when it comes to IVR or call queue and am a bit stuck on how to implement scenario below (queue or IVR?):

    We divert incoming calls to virtual ext 1030 (which has MERG enabled to ring 2 other ext 1031, 1032).

    We want to:
    1) Customer calls into 1030 and no one answers after a minute if no one pickup the call it should divert to voicemail and let them leave a msg.
    2) Customer calls in and all the ext that are on the MERG are busy / on other calls, cust should then be diverted into the Q which will begin by playing msg to say that "were are busy taking other calls please hold and we will be with you ASAP or alternatively press 1 to leave a msg", if customer doesn't press 1 they get to listen to hold / piano music. Message then is repeated every few minutes until someone pickup the call.

    I'm been playing with the Q option but it seems there is no way to "press 1" to leave a msg. I must be doing something wrong.

    What is the best way to implement the above?
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    This is doable.

    What Quadro are you using?
    Quadro 2x series have very limited memory and have to be configured carefully with the minimum amount of voicemail memory to achieve the desired result.

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    I'm doing this on an M32x (also have 4GB CF card installed) so memory is not an issue.

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    Hi woods,

    We don't use queues and don't have that feature/option on our ML8. But our call flow is very similar to what you are wanting to do. as i am not familiar Epgyi's Call Queue's i am leaving those steps out, and assuming they are set-up like call queues from other PBX.If you want to give your caller options, and are not able to do it through the queue, i would do it via and Auto Attendant.

    If ext 1030 was busy it transfers the call to an auto attendant where they get the option to press 1 to leave a message, or if they don't do anything get dropped into the queue.I can explain how to set-up the Auto-Attendant if you need help.

    To call forward the call the Voice-mail if nobody picks up or have it transfered to the queue if they are all busy you will need to go to the Caller ID Based Service for extension 1030.. you get there by going to Users, extension Management, and then Click on 1030. Click Supplementary Services, then Caller ID Based Service.
    Click on the Any Address

    1) To have the call go to voice-mail if nobody picks up do the following:
    Click No Answer Call Forwarding then click add on the right hand side
    Set call-type to PBX, in the Forward to box put 86####, where ####is the mailbox number.
    hit save
    Put a check mark next to enable Services and press save again

    2) To have the call go to queue if busy do the following:
    Click Busy Call Forward then click Add on the right hand side
    Set call type as PBX, in the Forward to box put the Auto attendant extension number.
    press save
    put a check mark next to enable services and press save again.

    Hope this helps,


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    Hi Scott, thanks for the tip. We've found a way to do it close to what we want. The only issue is it's not working (the same way) for internal (non SIP) calls.

    I'll have a think about your suggestion to see if it would work better.

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    I'm just thinking if we forward between the queue and the IVR (to play messages) wouldn't the caller 'lose' their position in the queue?? (when they join the queue again after coming back from the IVR).

    So it is posible that they end up having to leave a message (or hand up) while someone calling in after them ending up getting through??

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