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    Default Overhead paging systems

    Is there a particular overhead paging system that is recommended by Epygi or that others have gotten to work with it? We just want to be able to go to our clients and basically say "use this one" instead of fiddling around with different ones at each site.


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    Default Overhead paging systems

    Hi Jackie,
    There are several options on overhead paging. If this is a new installation then you can choose a SIP based product.
    Cyberdata ( has been one of the leading providers of SIP based paging solutions. It would configure to the Quadro similar to an IP Phone.

    snom also has the PA-1 device, which works well and it will auto configure with the Quadro.

    If you are going into an existing installation then you will need to look closely at the paging device interface. Some systems might connect to the Quadro using the FXS or FXO port.

    - Viking PA-2A: From what I can tell it looks like this device would connect to the Quadro FXS port. It may also connect to the Quadro FXO port if you disable the FXOconfig.cgi setting to “Check for Dialtone” before seizing the line.
    - Bogen: Connects to the Quadro FXS port.

    Also, on the QuadroM8L and QuadroM26X, we have 3.5mm audio output jacks. So this provides another common method.


    Andy White

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    Thank you Andy! That is exactly the information we needed.

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    Hi Andy,
    In one of our clients they have a Viking PA-2A connected to an fxo port of an M8L. I disabled the "Check for dialtone" and configured the call routing to make the call through that port but it doesn't work. Do you know if we have to send any digits to the panel to perform the call? Do you have any idea what we can check?

    Many Thanks
    Ariel (from OneClick)

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