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    Where do i find the standard "on hold tone" wav file. The standard epygi piano music is driving my customers crazy! I don't want to pick any particular music/songsIjust want the standard, silence with "beep, beep" every 5 seconds or so. I can't find it online anywhere.

    Also, is there any way to reduce the delay between when i pick up the phone and when the caller on the other end can hear me speak?95% of the time i have to say "hello" twice. I am using Multi extention ringing, for the majority of the time. I have not tested it with out MER on but calls between extension don't have that delay.

    Thx, Curt

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    Are you still having the problem with the answer delay? We are having this same issue, when we pickup calls that come in via our ITSP quite often we have to repeat what we say upon answering because the other end misses out on the start of the conversation.

    We've noticed at our end when picking up the phone if we wait until we hear a faint clicking noise on the line, then after that we seem to be able to speak and the other end can hear us.

    We're not using MER and we still have this problem.

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    Hi There,

    I found that i had the same issues on answer delay, the way i resolved it was to force all codec on incoming calls to G729 and not G711, i made G729 the prefered codec on all extensions and forced for coming calls.

    let me know if this helps.



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    Delays in call establishment can happen because of a whole bunch of reasons, including a slow connection to ITSP. In case of MER calls, there is a delay beacuse the stream is not opened, until we get acknowledgement from all phones in the group in answer to our CANCEL message. In 5.0 we are speeding the call establishment up in those cases, by opening the stream early.

    Also, related to hiebpbx's sentence: "the standard epygi piano music is driving my customers crazy": I never have seen normal people who are getting crazy when listening to Chopin piano works I guess, you can get some "rap/hiphop" or similiar "music" to get them happy.
    BTW, it is easy to generate the WAV file you need (silence with beeps) using CoolEdit.

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