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Thread: Setup Group Voicemail Box

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    Hi All,

    I would like to setup a voicemail box for all the staff in a particular department. For example a shared mailbox for all people in the technical dept.
    Either would like for the mail to be replicated to the other extensions
    Each extension can access the voicemail of the shared box.

    I was trying to achieve this result using the Group List feature, but it is unclear what the Group List feature actually does.

    Any help would be great.

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    What you can do is create a virtual extension and use the voice mail on that extension. Each user can then login and check it through Auto Attendand by dialing 00 then *0, login and check voicemail.

    Directing people to that virtual extension for voice mail is the second part of this task and can be done using various mechanisms. For example you can use "No answer call forwarding" or you can conenct to that extension if you are using voice xml script.


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    You could set them up as a distribution group in your email server, voicemails go to group email which disto's to all in the group.

    That's what we do anyway.

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    Yeah thats what I've done in the end.

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    I have set up a virtual extension so that incoming calls ring a group. I have enabled voicemail on the virtual extension and I can pick up messages by logging in through the attendant.

    However, this isn't very easy to do and I would prefer that the voicemails were either forwarded to one of the individual extensions or at least made available via the voicemail key on one of the phones. Any ideas?


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    To achieve that you can set up multiple extention ringing on a normal extension (which is connected to FXS or IP Line), instead of doing that on virtual extension. That way you can access the voicemail box from the phone connected to that line. That extention can be even a member of that ringing group. Sorry if this is too obvious and you need something different.

    Best regerds,


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    Thanks very much for that - I'm all new and this occurred to me after I posted but I haven't yet tried it. Thanks very much.


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    I have setup a virtual extention and when an incoming call is received all extensions ring. However when a voicemail is left by the caller I cannot access it from any of the extensions. Callers are now getting the message that themailbox is full but I cannot find any way of accessing the mailbox to clear the messages.

    Would appreciate any help here.

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    mauriceatkinson,youcan access the mailbox of virtual extension from Auto Attendant (see the posts of another forum members above). Dial from any extension to AA (00), then press *0 - you'll be asked for username and password. Enter the number of virtual extension and password, or just press #, if the password is empty. Edited by: aramk

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