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    Hi there,

    I haveone Quadro 2x IP PBX (1 fxo),one Quadro ISDN Gateway (only one ISDN lineconfigured)and one VoIP provider (up to 6 simultaneous SIP calls).

    I need to configure the call routing table for route the outgoing calls (always with the same pattern for any destination *) this way:

    1. VoIP

    2. Fxo

    3. ISDN Trunk

    It looks like I can´t change the metric of the call routes created on theconfiguration wizard, any sugestions?

    Also I need to configure a Fax; I did what the manual says but it works partially (sometimes works, sometimes don´t)

    * By the way, the pattern I have configured is 0?* , is there any other pattern that includes any destination and works better than this one?


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    You can create 3 routing records with pattern * (or another like 0*, 9*) one for VoIP, second - for Fxo and third - for ISDN trunk.
    In the first and second records set Fail reson to ANY.
    It means that when call was unsuccessful, it will try to continue by the next matching record (the second one in our example).
    You can use any pattern you want starting with any digit, but avoid to create pattern which can conflict with each other.

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    It is already configured that way, the problem is that the configuration wizard automatically creates 2 routes for the FXO outgoing calls and I can´t edit nordelete those routes.

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    Go through the System Configuration Wizard again, and set the "PSTN Access Code:" option to blank.

    This removes the FXO routing rules that you are talking about.

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