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Thread: XML Scenario creator Tool

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    Smile XML Scenario creator Tool

    This is a great feature, and very welcome. I just noticed though that there is no way to dial by extension.

    Client has a setup that they wanted
    press 1 for X
    Press 3 for Y
    press 4 for Z

    however they wanted to clients to be able to dial extensions directly 201 202, Cant seem to make it happen though the tool.


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    You can, selecting the "Any input other than in the list above" clicking Edit and then choosing the "Call to the number dialed"

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    Thanks hrant, silly me I thought it was just a catch all redirect, I didnt notice the "Cal to the number dialed" option!

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    Does anyone know if the 4x and the 16X would be getting the tool as well?

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    No, that tool will not be integrated with 4x/16x but you can create the needed scenario on any available device having that tool, download the scenario in VoXML format (using the "View/Download VXML scenario" link and upload it to 4x/16x along with the accompanying wave files.

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