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Thread: Group Ring + Missed Calls.

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    We have set-up a group ring on our support extension. to ring simultaniously on the extensions of the support team members.

    However If someone picks-up the phone in that ring. all the others have a missed call. This Is confusing as the call was not missed !

    How do we avoid that ?

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    We actually not really if you think about it carefully all of the phones receive the same ringing setup signal yeah.

    Well once you have answered the call from another ext your phone keeps and stores its own logs so it will see it as a missed call if not answered as it stands the sip protocal doesnt mask call answered from another sip handset this typiically a feature of MGCP AND MOSTLY USED ON HARDWARE that cost twice a s much although i agree it would be good if it did not do it I hop this has helped you.

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