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    Question Used Subscriptions distribution


    I have a Epygi Quadro 2xi with the additionnal licence for 16 IP phones (Snom 320).

    I have upgrade to firmware 5.1.39 and now in system --> status --> Ip line registration, I have the message:
    Subscriptions count (used / allowed): 75 / 75
    Used Subscriptions distribution (BLF / MWI / Total): 66 / 9 / 75

    Before update, I doens't have any limitation for BLF.

    How can I can incrase this limite? with a licence?

    Thanks for help,

    Kind regards,


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    Hi Sébastien,
    I think this is a memory limitation and can be modified slightly from a hidden configuration page.

    However, it will take memory away from other functions and should be done with caution and guidance from someone with some experience doing this, (which whilst I know a lot about Quadro 2x units, this is not something I've played with).

    Could someone else confirm this?

    Daryl Pilkingotn

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    Yep, this limitation could be adjusted a little bit using hidden configuration page (generalconfig.cgi).

    This limitation is not new. Just it was not visible before, and was set to a higher number by default. Subscriptions are creating very considerable load on the unit, especially when it has to send call state notification to many users at once. One example of this worst-case scenarios is a call to a MER group, each member of which is watched by one or more phones. This call will make system send notifications to a big number of subscribers, which may result in slow call setup, big delay before voice is heard on the call after it is picked up, possibly lost subscriptions.

    Thats why we limit the number of subscriptions to avoid stress situations. According to our measurements CPU on Q2x is enough to handle 75 subscriptions in average. If you really need that, you could increase the number a little bit (maybe to 100), but you have to be careful and monitor the unit performance after doing that. If users do not complain of delays and sluggishness in call establishment or tear-up, and do not complain about delay before they can hear the calling/called party, then you can keep the setting a bit higher than default.


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    Thank you for your reply. I will to try this solution.

    Kind regards,


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