I have a cuadro 2x behind a fortigate firewall in NAT mode ( We use 3cx softphones for our laptops and iphones for which we configure local PBX and Remote PBX IP address ( and The Cuadro has a VIP on the fortigate to be reachable from the Internet ( and there is a sip tunnel between our epygi and another branch which is up and running.

The epigy has a IP on the wan side and on the lan side.

When we call from inside our network but from another LAN segment (192.168.11.x/24) to another extension (with "Im out of the office" disabled) the call works, however if we try to call the branch extensions, we don't hear anything but they do hear us.
If instead we use the "Im out of the office" option, we can call the branch extension fine, but we can't call the local extensions.

I have test the conectivity and its fine. The phone register ok always.

I dont know what could be going on and Ill appreciate any comments on it.

Rodrigo A: Ricaurte