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Thread: Call Routing Rule Checker

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    Cool Call Routing Rule Checker

    Would it be possible to add a call routing rule checker?

    I would like something like entering the number dialed and then seeing which rules and the order they would be used in returned.


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    I think I threw that Idea out as well about 3 years ago. ;-) It would be very helpful especially if you have a lot of rules, and or you want to check something like your 911 routing is going to the right target.

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    We will consider implementing that kind of tool. thank you for suggestion.
    Meanwhile, for testing your rules, you can open the "System >> Diagnostics >> Show System Logs" GUI page, enter "rm.log" under "Show Custom Log", make the test call and click on "Show Custom Log" link. In the opened log you will see at the bottom what rout was chosen for that call by the system, see the example below:
    16:01:24.472 INFO: Get Call Records #PHONE: 19726921166
    .474 INFO: Filter by date and time ...
    .474 INFO: Filter by other parameters...
    .479 INFO: AAS Found the following records...
    .479 <1,011>????*
    If there are many routing rules with the matching destination number patterns, all patterns will be listed.

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    Another vote here as well, once you have more than a few rules things starts to get messy tracking which rule as hit!

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    This would be an awesome tool! bit like gpresult for windows

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