How do we disable the NAT/Firewall functionality in our Quadro 2X (I do know the menu options), but without losing the SIP functionality.

In other words, we have a WAN port on this unit that we simply do not wish to use, as we have an alternate firewall unit that is already in production, and we need the Epygi Quadro 2X appliance to simply sit behind our firewall and receive DNS and the firewall's gateway IP information, instead of having the Quadro 2X performing DNS, NAT and other firewall related functionality.

The Quadro 2X has two ports in the back, (1) LAN and (1) WAN. I only need the Quadro to work behind our network and router SIP traffic accordingly - our firewall will handle the SIP ALG protocol and route all SIP related inbound/outbound traffic. Therefore, only the LAN port should be connected from the Quadro to my LAN (layer 2) switch. The LAN switch is connected to the firewall which is the default gateway.

If anyone knows how to do this, please reply immediately.

Jose A.