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Thread: Cisco 79xx BLF Keys

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    Default Cisco 79xx BLF Keys

    Hi Everyone,

    I am just wondering if anyone has worked out anyway of using the Keys on say a Cisco 7970 as BLF Presence Keys so you can monitor Extensions and intercept etc

    I have asked this question a long time ago but at the time there was no answer hoping we might have moved forward

    Thanks Adam

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    Unfortunately, this model of Cisco IP phones is not supported by Quadro, so we can't inform you how to configure that phone to monitor extensions and intercept calls. We can't guaranty that it will work, but Quadro supports these features for IP phones, that can be configured to send correct SIP Dialog Subscriptions and SIP Invite messages with "Replacement" field (appropriate docs are placed on our web site). So, if you can configure that phone to send these messages to the Quadro, mentioned features should work, but, I repeat, it is not the IP phone supported by Quadro and we can't inform you how to configure that phone (you can try to find it on the manuals of that Cisco IP phone).
    Another think, mentioned features perfectly work with Cisco SPA5xx models, so you can use these models of Cisco IP phones.


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    Thank you for this post. This is exactly what i am wondering about.

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