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Thread: Remote Extension IP restriction

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    Default Remote Extension IP restriction

    Is there a limit to the number of IP address that can be used by a Remote Extension?

    Recently I tried to connect to my Remote extension that was working well previous and it wouldn't connect and my softphone was giving me a 400 Bad Request error.

    In the logs I saw:

    .690 <<ERROR>> RegisterGateway: failed to add SIP media gateway

    At the time I was trying to connect via the address.

    I then disabled my Remote Extension in the Epygi M8L (firmware 5.2.49) and re-enabled (no username or password changes) and my softphone connected successfully, see log entry below:

    10:20:28.750 RegisterGateway: added SIP media gateway {MG26}.
    .750 UpdateAddressList: {MG26} -
    .751 MoveExtension: moving active extension xxxxx from line #12 with FXS endpoint {MG1}<0> to free line #14[2] with FXS endpoint {MG26}<0>.
    .751 ToggleTrunkSlot(On): added remote FXS endpoint {MG26}<0>[] attached to line #14.
    .753 UpdateMailboxStatus: extension - xxxxx.

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    I am not aware of any such restriction...
    And I have seen a looo-o-ts of logs, nut never met an error message like this one above (with multiple IP addresses listed).

    Would be great if you can open a ticket on Epygi support site and attach those logs (or send those logs to Epygi Tech Support ( or, so we can look on them). Tell them David asked you to do that.


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