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Thread: Yealink T-28 DSS keys on analogue trunk

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    Default Yealink T-28 DSS keys on analogue trunk

    Hi All

    I have an epygi 8ml, and a yealink T28P, 5 incoming analogue trunks and would like to configure it so that when theres an incoming call, the dss keys next to the screen lights up accordingly to which ever trunk the key is configured to. I'm not to sure whether this configuration would be mainly on the Epygi or Yealink. As far as I know, the T-28P can handle up to 6 lines. Im just not sure how to assign each line to an analogue trunk. Any assistance appreciated...Thanx

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    You can do this scenario by following steps.

    1. Add new virtual extension(555)(don't attach IP Line).
    2. Set Ringing Simulation Timeout(for example 10sec) on this extension (on extension General Settings page)
    3. Route FXO calls to (555) extension (Telephony->FXO Settings page)
    4. Configure watching ext. 555 for Yealink T-28 phone Line Key(next to screen) from (Telephony->Line Settings->Advanced)

    So, when call comes from FXO which routed on ext 555 on Yealink phone line key will blink.
    Do similar configuration for other FXO lines.

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