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Thread: Yealink T38G Auto Provisioning

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    Default Yealink T38G Auto Provisioning

    I have a number of Yealink T38G IP phones that I need to install on a Quadro 2x system.

    The current firmware (5.2.x) does not support auto provisioning for this model Yealink phone.

    When are we likely to see the addition of this model phone being added ??

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    Default Yealink T38

    I just used the Auto Provision for the T-28 It has been working. If you like to contact me you at 209-370-1930 ext 119

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    The handset shows as "connected" to Line1 as a Yealink T28
    but NONE of the account settings etc have been applied to the phone at all.

    When looking at the web interface of the handset, the settings (eg: server IP Address) for auto provisioning are empty

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    The autoconfig support for Yealink T38G is in our plans. I would expect this to be included into official release in a month or two.

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    Default Snom 760

    What about Snom 760

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    The same for SNOM 760 and 720

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    Problems with the new provisioning with Snom 760 tells me that it can not find update. It has the current firmware, both the epygi & snom.

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