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Thread: Call Park - Error / Fail - ITSP

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    Question Call Park - Error / Fail - ITSP

    I have an unusual issue with Call Park feature not working on incoming calls from my ITSP.

    I have configured my Aastra Handsets with a Call Park Button

    sprecode: *5#
    Label: Park
    Line Selection: {disabled}

    This works perfectly for internal calls between handsets (PBX - PBX)

    However this fails miserably when dealing with external ITSP calls.
    The handset either responds with a Failure message or a Busy Message

    I have also experienced an unusual behaviour when parking an ITSP call manually.. where the system does actually park the call but does NOT provide any voice announcements as to what extension the call was parked on...

    Ideally I would like to replicate the success of the call park button on the PBX - PBX based calls.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    I suppose you added the *5# code manually from the Aastra GUI, righht?
    You can notice that Epygi doesn't have an option for configuring the (call park) *5 code on the phone buttons from the Quadro GUI. And the reason of the abcense of that option is exactly the problem you experienced with parking the ITSP calls...

    We noticed that problem some time ago. The reason is the networking delay on connection with ITSP, bringing to unsynchronisation of SIP transactions (in brief - the new call to *5 comes earlier than Quadro receives acknowledgement for holding the previous SIP call). On the PBX calls the networking delay is small and problem doesn't happen (though it might happen from time to time).

    Now the good news - in the 5.3.x versions we have added custom mechanism for SIP transaction syncronisation (that is made specially to resolve Call Park problems, and to correctly support the new selective call park functionality). This should resolve your problem as well. Please try parking ITSP call using new 5.3.x firmware, and see if its working now.


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    That does sound like good news and I look forward to being able to test it.

    I haven't seen the v5.3.x firmware available for the Quadro 2x yet ??
    I'm assuming it won't be too far away ???

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    Its under works now. If everything goes well, I would expect it to be published in about two weeks.

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