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    Question Call Recordings M8L

    Hello....I just recently upgraded the firmware on an M8L to 5.3.2...

    Prior to upgrading..I performed a back up of the system...

    I performed the upgrade..checked it out ok...I have call recording on this system

    I uploaded all voice and data config

    However, all of my call recordings in box 800 are no longer here...I have a flash card on the system...shouldn;t they be here? What happened?

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    Thats right, the recordings are handled exactlt the same way as voicemails.

    So if the recordings/ are on the CF card, they are preserved after the firmware update.
    But as soon as you restore any kind of configuration, both the voicemals and recordings are being deleted. There are some technical reasons to do that way (mainly because you may upload very old configuration or config from another unit with different set of extensions, and if we preserve the recordings and voicemails, there could be a mess..).

    I agree this behaviour is not very convenient, but it has its reasons.. And it is the way it works at the moment. If the recordings are very important by some reason, they should be uploaded to some FTP server prior to restoring the config.

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