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    Default Caller ID and DID

    how can i configure caller id to outbound to send the Id if the extension i know that i can activate Keep original Caller ID but only some extensions have their own DID on the others i want to send the original BTN- how can i do that.
    right now it sends the did of that extension and the SIP number of the extensions that do not have a DID set up .

    Thanks for your HELP

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    In the routing rule you can set the caller ID to be sent out as needed.

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    how, can you give an example

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    Create new routing rule and tick "Filter on Source / Modify Caller ID" then on the "Source Filter / Modify Caller ID - Edit Entry" page enter in the source extension you want to match this rule. Then discard the extension using NDS (Number of Discarded Symbols) and the "prefix" with the number you want to send out.

    When ext 10 calls out to the world send the caller iD as 123456789

    Source Number Pattern: 10
    Source Type: PBX
    Number of Discarded Symbols: 2
    Prefix: 123456789

    As to the number of rule you will need it is up to you to match as require.

    Hope that helps

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    Thank You It helps a LOT !!

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