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Thread: Trouble configuring Auto Attendant

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    Default Trouble configuring Auto Attendant

    Hi All,

    I am configuring my first Epygi Quadro 2x and I am having trouble getting the Auto Attendant to pick up on incoming calls.

    I've successfully configured the VOIP Carrier Wizard (or atleast I think I did). Before Carrier Wizard, incoming calls received an error message. Now it just rings endlessly.

    Now I created a Call Routing rule which matched my DID (say its 18938887777) as follows:

    Telephone>Call Routing>Call Routing Table>Add
    Pattern: 18938887777
    Number of Discarded Symbols: 11
    Prefix: 00

    Then I clicked finished.

    I thought I was good to go, but when I dial the DID, it just rings endlessly and the Auto Attendant never picks up. Do I need to also configure the Auto Attendant in some way? Very confused here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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    Hi Ringo,

    First of all. What is the purpose of configuring VoIP Carrier wizard in your case. Did you get an account from an VoIP provider to make/receive long distance calls thru that provider?


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    Default Trouble configuring Auto Attendant

    Hi Ashot,

    To answer your question...yes, I signed up with NexVortex for long distance incoming/outgoing calls. I followed their configuration guide here:

    However, AutoAttendant still does not work. Did I miss a step somewhere?


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    There is actually no special configuration needed on AA. If the calls comes to AA, it should answer.
    Make sure you choose "PBX" call type when creating the routing rule for the call to go to "00"
    Make sure you can call to AA locally and it answers ok.
    Check if the calling number is in the "Authorised phones datababase" (if it is there, remove it, so AA could answer promptly)

    And one more advice from me - try to use the "Set Tracing / Debug Options on This Rule" option in the call routing wizard (it is on the first page of the wizard). This could help you to determine if the incoming call matches your rule at all. If it matches, you will se an event in the "System Events" page.


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