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    Question System slowing down

    Hi There,

    I have a Quadro 6L that has been installed at a client now for just over 1 year. Recently, they are having a problem where all of a sudden all calls have a 3 - 4 second delay on all calls (incomming / outgoing/ internal). the only way i can fix it is reboot the unit and then it is all fine.
    We have tested the network cables, tested the network switches and upgrade the firmware to 5.2.47 and it is now doing it daily.
    has anyone had this happen to them and any advise as to where i would look next?

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    what you mean by 3-4 seconds delay? Is it the voice delay or what?

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    Ther could be an attack (or some anomally high load on the unit). It doesn't need to be permanent attack, but even if strong attack happened for short time, it could bring the system to unstable state when it is working slow, until the reboot clears the problem.
    In any case it is difficult to say the exact reason. Would be better to contact Epygi TSS, so the guys could connect to the system, monitor it for a while and see what is going on.

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