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    What is the easiest way to hook up an external messages on hold unit for callers on hold. Can it be done on the 2X??


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    I have 1.6 MB message on hold that I faill to upload because they were not enough memory.

    How can I upgrade memory on my 16xi


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    On 4/16x you can upgrade your memory plugging in the USB memory. Then you have to go to "Voice Mail Common Settings" page and select "External USB Flash". On 2x, unfortunately you cannot do that but you can re-allocate the memory space between extensions and use G.729 codec to save on memory for voice mails.

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    On the 16x there are two USB ports available, is it possible to install two 1G USB flash RAM at the same time on the unit?

    I have one install already and I want to install another 1G but haven't done so because it does not say anything of this second USB port on the manual.

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    No, you cannot use two USB sticks at the same time on the Quadro (there is a SW limitation on that). The second port is reserved for possible future use. Generally speaking, it is possible to add two USB flash support, but we considered this effort to be not justified by the benefit it could give. Do you really run out of space with 1GB USB stick?

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    Yes we do, it will be a good thing if the system could have a feature that will erase the voice mails by itself on the USB stick after a given date, I know of the feature "Send new voice messages via e-mail" where the system will send the voice mail by email to the user and will Remove Voice Mail On Send, but is not practical for all users.
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