Well Ashot,

We were quite aware of what the latest firmware versions were for the various Epygi models out there, but thanks for putting them all on a single page.

As you will undoubtedly have noticed the 2x(i), 16x(i), 4L(i), 4x, 6L models have been stuck on a 5.3.2x release, whereas the 8L/12Li/26x/26xi/32x have moved on to the 5.3.53 release.

Since I intend for my question to be very specific this time around, here it is:

When will the 2x(i), 16x(i), 4L(i), 4x(i), 2x2, 6L models, be upgraded to a newer code version, which will include support for these features:

• New Overall Calling Time Limit feature. This feature allows a total call duration for all calls to be configured over a specific time frame for each Call Routing entry. Once the total duration has been reached, the entry can be disabled, allowing calls to use the next available route.
• A new feature code for FXS phones. While on a 3-way call, pressing FLASH+0 allows the user to disconnect from the call while the two remaining participants stay connected.
• Added RTP Channel option in the Attendant Ringing Announcement.
• An option in the generalconfig.cgi hidden page was added to remove the "Diversion" header from SIP Invite messages sent out from the Quadro. If an incoming call is being forwarded back to the PSTN, the Quadro will add the "Diversion" header into the outgoing SIP Invite. However, many ITSPs do not support this and reject the call if the "Diversion" header is present.
• PnP and auto configuration support for new IP phones: Aastra 6737i and Yealink W52P.