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Thread: new epygi release 5.3

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    Default new epygi release 5.3

    is it possible to know when are you going to release the firmware version 5.3?

    thanks in advance for your reply.

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    It's depend on what specific product you are asking for. Specifically for 32x and 8L/26x/12Li/26xi the 5.3 FW will be available by the end of the current week(02 March 12). for 2x/4x/16x by the mid of March. At the moment i don't have strict dates for other products

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    Default new epygi release 5.3 for 4x

    Any update on these dates esp for the 4x?


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    The 5.3 FW for 2x/4x/16x will be available during the next week (16-20 March)


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    Sorry for mistake, I mean 16-20 April


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    I have not seen the 5.3 firmware yet, is it delayed? (for the 4x product)

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    not yet, will be published in the next few days.

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    The 5.3.5 firmware for 4x is published on the web

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    Will the 5.3.53 firmware be released for the up to now supported 2x(i), 16x(i), 4L(i), 4x, 6L models?

    Regarding the 4x the last available software I can see is Quadro4x Software 5.3.20.

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    Actually the firmware version numbering is different for different products. So it isn't clear what you mean by "5.3.53 firmware...for ... 2x(i), 16x(i), 4L(i), 4x, 6L models"?

    The last of available firmware versions are:
    for 2x(i) - 5.3.23
    for 4x(i)/16x(i) - 5.3.20
    for 4L/2x2 - 5.3.21
    for 4Li - 5.3.20
    for 6L - 5.3.20
    for 32x - 5.3.53
    for 8L/12Li/26x/26xi - 5.3.53
    for QX1000 - 5.3.31

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