Please could you look at my question to Radius Cat and there response and let me know if you can see the problem.


Hi comp125.My name is William Tsuruta and Im a tech partner of SVK Corporation.I think that I know why you are having these errors please see the following line extracted of this post:
5/6/2007 11:23:43 PM:97:Access_Request: Service_Type=1
This line indicates the Service-Type atribute that must be 15 for a account message related to a Sip Call.
This is a accordance with Radius protocol draft for Sip accounting.
Then I think that to start solve this problem you need set this atribute value in the Epygi2x.
Please let me know if this answer help you in any way.
If possible please give me more detail of your system configuration to help the understand your system operation.



Using an Epygi2x for testing before purchase. After purchased will replace our exsisting Radius on our Epygi E1 T1 see www.epygi.com and specs at bottom of post.

Thanks for allowing the use of your download demo, I have a few problems to resolve before I purchase.