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Thread: FAX from ISDN

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    The incoming faxes from the ISDN lines are still very problematic. (Incomplete pages, two pages in one, squeezed pages, etc.)
    Do you plan to fix this 100%?
    Or is this something which is not a full priority?

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    Well, this actually depends on your ISDN lines and their quality. Theoretically all the issues (which we are aware of) with FAX are resolved. If you have such problems now with the latest images, please refer to Epygi Tech Support with specific information. I am sure they can help you (and of course, this would be useful for us too to test with your lines too

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    Based on my experience and the posts on this Forum I can say that currently most of problems with FAX such as squeezed and incomplete pages are connected to the viewers, that are used by customers to browse FAX/TIFF file and to the ISDN lines quality.

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