Another newbie question, but one I can't seem to find a definitive answer for. Bear in mind that I only really have experience with key phone systems.

With our existing key system, we have five PSTN lines, and 16 extensions. All of the phones ring on all incoming calls, and anyone can answer any incoming call just by picking up their (ringing) phone. To make an outgoing call, we dial 9 for an outside line and then dial the call.

We're considering installing a QuadroM8L system, and we'd like it set up (initially) to work in much the same way - I understand that's possible.

The question is, with the SIP phones (we're considering Yealink), how many 'voip accounts' do I need on each phone? Common sense suggests just one voip account is all you need, because the phone registers with the M8L, and the M8L handles everything else, like call hold and call transfer.

However, I read somewhere on the web that you need one 'voip account' on each phone for each 'potential' call on the phone - so if you had one call in progress and one call on hold, you'd need two 'voip accounts' on each phone. That doesn't sound right to me, but is it true?

So, as far as running a system as I've described on an M8L, do I need IP phones with one voip account, or two, or six, or whatever?

Regards, and thanks in advance,