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    Default Hold Music settings

    We recently purchased .wav looped hold music.
    I made sure the audio studio sent it to me in the correct format (as specified on the Epygi help instructions - PCMU CCITT u-law, 8kHZ, 8 bit mono wave format).
    When I tried to upload it, the message was "You do not have enough space"
    The audio studio re-sent the file until it was down to 40KB which the system accepted.
    However, after uploading the 40KB file to each extension, only the old music is playing.

    1. Calls come in to 00, however the hold music settings are only displayed on extensions 11 to 16. How do you load the music to 00?

    2. How do you increase the space so that a larger file can be uploaded? At the moment the 40KB file is only 5 seconds long and doesn't loop which is pretty useless considering it's hold music.

    These are my current settings per extension:
    - "Send music to remote IP party" is ticked
    - "Own Music" is selected

    All suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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    1) you can load the music file on Auto Attendant as either a "welcome message" or "recurring attendant prompt" (see the Extension Management -> General Settings of Auto Attendant) but it is not hold music, of course. The hold music's main usage scenario is when the extension is in a call and puts that call on-hold. In that case the hold music is being streamed to remote party if "Send music to remote IP party" is ticked.
    2) To increase the space for hold music on extension go to Extension Management, select the extension and click on Edit, go to General Settings and increase the "Percentage of Total Memory". The absolute memory size corresponding to %%% depends on the product type but you can get rough idea if you go to System -> Status-> Memory Status.

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    Thanks for your reply.
    So is there no scenario which allows hold music to be played from the attendant (when a call comes in) to the extension? That is most critical time for hold music, not from extension to extension???

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    to be hones I don't understand well at what time you want to hear the hold music. Could you explain it on example?

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    When a caller calls in, they dial our telephone number which ends in 0700. I pick up the call (on a Snom 370 which is also ext 0711), talk to the person and want to put them on hold because I'm transferring the call to an extension, say ext 12. When I put the caller on hold that is when I want the caller to hear the music I have selected.

    At the moment, our selected music only plays if ext 12 puts the caller on hold and transfers to, say ext 13.

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    If "Own Music" is selected for all extensions then the selected music should be uploaded to all extensions too. You can use the "Universal Extensions Recording" under the Extensions Management to upload the selected music to ALL extensions at once

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    I increased "Percentage of System Memory" to 20% and successfully uploaded the looped hold music which we had purchased to the "Universal Extensions Recording", HOWEVER when I tested it (got an outside caller to call in to 0700 and placed them on hold) it still played the old music.
    Could it be something to do with the Snom 370?

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    IMO this issue should not be connected to snom370. Repeat the test once more, immediately download the system logs and send them to Epygi to figure out the issue. If you are registered customer open a ticket in TSS and attach the system logs. If not send the system logs to the address:
    Together with the system logs please provide a very short description of the scenario, like what is the outside caller number, who placed the caller on hold.

    Before testing go to the system log settings to be sure the Developers Logging is enabled.

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