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Thread: Quadro6L missing?

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    I thought you were starting out small then progress to the larger systems.


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    Just wondering why they would discontinue something that is superior to their new predecessor? Seems as if in the step in the wrong direction! I own a 6l and for the mostpart works great (using it in KSE mode) and not to mention the release notes state that that KSE mode doesnt even work with the 4l

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    Well, I would not agree to the statement that 6L is superior to 4L. The truth is - in each specific case (specific installation) the requirements of the customer define which product is superior for this installation, and which one is inferior.

    6L is a great product, but actually in the most cases (most installations) the 4L is more suitable ("superior" - in your terms) than 6L. The only case when 6L is better is the installation where customer needs exactly 5 or 6 FXO ports. From the other side, 4L is equal or superior in all other cases, especially when customer needs FXS ports. Note also the increased processing power and number of extensions on 4L.

    What refers to the KSE mode on 4L... It is being added right now, and will be available very soon. I am not a big fan of KSE mode (better to say - I personally would remove that option at all), but as some customers want it, it is management decision to keep that on 4L.


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