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Thread: FXO not installed

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    Default FXO not installed

    Have a Quadro 4xi running in a non ISDN environment.
    Used a ISDN/Analogue converter to get around the problem.

    Seems to be functioning all accordingly but the error I am getting in the FXO settings is FXO not installed. Which might be normal under the conditions I have described above but not entirely sure...

    Also am not sure about the configuration for the converter please see attached two screen shots.

    For the ISDN settings in the Quadro I am using point to multi point and msn.

    Any re-assurance that the FXO settings not installed is normal would be appreciated...

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    "FXO not installed" is normal because Quadro doesn't see your FXO, it is working via ISDN with your adapter. It thinks it is connected to ISDN line.

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