I am working on a Quadro M6L with 2 FXO PSTN incoming lines and 1 IP PSTN line. Had an observation on a Quadro M6L Call Statistics showing several Missed Calls from the PSTN port. The Quadro is configured with an auto-attendant answering calls from the FXO ports and vmail is activated on the directed Extension with call hunting to 2 phones. Can I take it that Missed Calls relate only to callers hanging up before the calls are answered or not leaving a vmail? I also assume the auto-attendant can process concurrent calls?

If so, I am trying to explain how a caller to the PSTN line reported that he gets a ring no-answer from the M6L. If all 2 lines are used, it should get an engaged tone from the carrier.

Any pointers here are much appreciated.