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Thread: Issue with Outgoing Caller ID on SIP trunk

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    Default Issue with Outgoing Caller ID on SIP trunk

    I am trying to setup some out going caller ID on a SIP trunk but running into some issues.

    I can make an out going call no problem if I do not set any caller ID (call goes out on the 'default caller ID') on on the SIP trunk route. However as soon as I try to set caller ID the call get declined

    The trunk provide (running Asterisk I believe) has said that because the Epygi sends out the caller ID in a "trunk" format their cannot pick it up and therefore rejects the call.

    They advised that I need to enable the "Override CLID with P-Asserted-Identity" (on the SIP route or somewhere inthe Epygi) so that the Caller ID is sent "correctly" (for them to accept).

    The provider's recomendation is below
    I believe the Epigy software in Version 5.0.3 or higher has an Override CallerID with P-Asserted-Identity option. If you tick this checkbox then it will send the callerID in the correct carrier format and will pass through just fine.
    My question is where can I find this setting on the Epygi? I can only find this setting in the E1/T1 section which is not really SIP related (I tried it anyway!). Is it in one of those hidden pages?
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    Solving my own problem (it only took a whole weekend )

    I found that under the Extension setting -> SIP Advanced Settings the is a field "Authentication User Name". Once I put the username (supplied by the ITSP) into this field it seems to have done the trick!

    I don't how this relates to the "
    P-Asserted-Identity" field but it works. I'm still interested in a technical explanation of this for further learning

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