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    I've got the system pretty much up and running but can't find any information on how to configure the Softkeys on the phone ?
    I went to create a profile in the Quadro admin page but all I have is a name and description.

    Am I missing something ?
    Is there a how to for dummies on provisioning and how to set this up ?



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    Not sure what your question is about. Yealink phone programmable keys configuration, Yealink phone template or what? What you mean by profile regarding the phone? Please clarify.


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    I have the phones autoprovisoning and placing calls.
    What I'm after is a guide of some sort to explain how to setup the programmable keys, I though that was done through the template ?

    Lets say I want to have the programmable keys do appear as a park group who would I do this ?
    Can I have them appear as a line appearance



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    Hi Nic,

    The programmable key configuration is described in page 83 for the manual II: administrator's guide for 2x2.
    Actually it is easy to configure. First of all you need to configure a call park extension in the Extensions Management. Let say it is the extension 50(example). Now go to the GUI main page -> Telephony->line settings->IP line settings, select the IP line for Yealink phone and press Advanced link. In the opened Programmable Keys Configuration page select a key and assign it to the Park Ext. 50. Now you can monitor call parking using that programmable key.


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    All working !

    thanks Ashot ...

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