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    I have a Quadro 2x with Polycom 650 sets....I spoke with Polycom today and they gave me the ftp site for their firmware/software update...however, when I went there to log in...the password that they provided me was anybody pulling down updates via the telephone through a Polycom FTP server and if so do you have the information so that I can set up my phones to do so as well?


    Clay Embick
    Infinity Telecom

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    The experts at VoIP Supply are fully certified to sell and support all of the product lines represented. For more information about our qualifications, please click on the link below.

    Escort Bayan

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    I am stuck I am not able to get polycom soundpoint 650 to register, any ideas with 2x2 with 5.3.14 sw

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    Hello Clay,

    Why you want to update the firmware on the Polycom phone? Is it too old or something else.


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    Hello zenovoip,

    Please tell me with details what you are trying to do and the result. Also please tell me the firmware version running on the polycom 650 phone.


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