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Thread: 2 cellphones ring simultaneously

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    Question 2 cellphones ring simultaneously


    Is someone know a trick to do that 2 cellphones ring simultaneously ?
    I know that it's impossible to make they ring one after one but maybe that simultaneously it's possible...(or not...)

    Florent H.

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    It would be good to know how you want to make the calls to your cell phones but anyway, if, for example, your Quadro extension receives the call and you want to make your cell phones ringing in parallel with your extension, you can configure the find-me-follow-me on that extension.

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    Thanks for your anwser.
    But if I use the find me/follow me function, I can't do the 2 cellphones ring simultaneously, and I can't do they ring one after another.
    It's just possible to do that the call finishes by ringing on ONE cellphone.
    Isn't it ?

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    Not sure if my understanding of what you are looking for is correct but in any case the general approach in FMFM is as follows:
    -you can have one, two or more phone numbers in the FMFM list. They can be extension numbers, cell phone numbers, etc.
    -for each number you have to configure the ringing time shift on that number. If you choose "immediately" then that number will ring immediately, upon receiving the call. If you choose 10 seconds then Quadro will send the call to that number with 10 seconds delay.
    Thus, to ring two cellphones simultaneously, add both cellphone numbers to FMFM list and choose "immediately" for both of them. In that case, if the call is received on your Quadro extension, it will send immediately the calls to both cellphones as well and all three phones will start ringing simultaneously. Just be sure that there are enough resources on your Quadro (PSTN or ITSP trunks) to make two simultaneous calls to cellphones.
    If you want to make phones ringing one after another then instead of "immediately" choose some delay.
    I hope it helps.

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    Ok!! It is a problem with routing table.
    The first call is on a FXO, no problem.
    But the second call uses SIP route with nothing in "use the extension settings of extension" and "keep original caller ID" enabled, and this call is rejected.
    For the routing table this second call is a call from extension 00, and not from the extension where FM/FM is enabled.

    Is there a solution to spot the call from FM/FM to do a specific route for these calls ?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Ok, but not clear why that call is rejected by Call Routing table even if "use the extension settings of extension" is empty, "keep original caller ID" is enabled and the call is made from 00. Do you have some filtering on source on that call routing rule?

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    I correct.

    2 cases:
    - if in my routing table I have the first call on FXO and the second on SIP, I have an error ‘Line Busy / Fxo is busy’ for the second call (the first call to cellphone with Fxo works well).
    It’s strange because if I try to do 2 ‘classical’ calls to cellphone, I have no problem.

    11 Activé 0[6,7]* FXO port(s): N'importe quel Port Tout Non * PBX 10

    12 Activé 0[6,7]* SIP Aucun Non * PBX URP: Oui 10

    - if I disable the FXO route, I have an error ‘Authorization’ for the 2 calls to cellphone.
    I have a filter * PBX, but I also try to disable it without success.

    Note: I work on an old version of Quadro, with firmware 5.1.39.

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