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Thread: DP715/DP710 - VoIP DECT Phone

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    Default DP715/DP710 - VoIP DECT Phone

    Will the new Grandstream DP715/DP710 - VoIP DECT Phone be approves soon. if so any ETAs

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    Epygi is working with Grandstream now to secure lab units for testing and validation. As soon as we have them in the lab we can provide and ETA. Thank you for the request.

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    Hope all the testing and validation process has been finished.

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    The units should be in our lab very soon and the testing process will not take very long. If you have an immediate need to connect these phones to one of our products we can assist you with any issues if they arise. You can configure these phones as generic IP endpoints for now.

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    I have configured the Grandstream DP715 and it works perfectly. What I did is:
    • In IP Line settings I configured an IP Line as Grandstram GXP1400 and entered MAC address of my DP715. Changed the password to use later in the phone configurations.
    • Switched on the DP715. It got all configurations (NTP server, some SIP settings, etc.) from the Quadro except the IP Line username and password, as the GXP1400 uses the lines but the DP715 the handsets.
    • Then I opened the web interface of the DP715, opened the page HANDSETS and for Handset 1 fill the fields:
      SIP User ID - IP Line username
      Authenticate ID - the same IP Line username as above
      Authenticate Password - IP Line password

    Surely the phone could be configured as Other in IP Line settings, but using some Grandstream configures some general settings on the phone.


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    The newly released Grandstream DP715/710 DECT Cordless IP Phones have achieved interoperability certification on Epygi Technologies’ Quadro IP PBXs. Details of manual configuration of those phones with Quadro you can find above in this thread. Auto provisioning is not integrated with the Quadro firmware yet; as soon as it's ready you can see those phones in the "Phone Model" list on "IP Line Settings" GUI page on Quadro.

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