Hello Forum,

QuadroM8L, Firmware Version: 5.2.40/Release

I have a pair of quadros in our two offices and have set them up as per a doc I got from epygi some time ago, titled:

"Voice Setup Example 1 Two Quadro Devices in Parallel With all FXOs Accessing all Extensions"

Everything works perfectly, except the extensions "forwarded to the PTSN".

When we call the extension, we get the PSTN dial tone (the forward works) but can never complete the call. W get the old "call cannot be completed as dialed" msg. every time.

We use Cisco 7961 phones in our offices. When I call from outside the office using my cellphone I get the same result.

However, I was able to make a successful call with my old touch tone phone, from my home. I called the PBX, dialed the extension, and was able to dial my cell with it.

So, the quadro setup is is not the problem; the tones from our cells and the 7961s must be "substandard". I can use my cell to navigate voice mail etc. so the tones it generates are good enough for the PBX itself.

If anyone else has encountered this problem (and solved it) I would appreciate any hints....