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Thread: Quadro M32X E1 Link Not Connecting

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    Cool Quadro M32X E1 Link Not Connecting

    Hi Guys, I have a Quadro M32x system using a Optus multi line 10. All was working when the users went on leave on just before xmas and when they got back in the office today all their phones were saying obtaining IP address. once we physically powered down the phone system and restarted it the phones were fine but now the E1 link will not connect to Optus equipment, I have placed the on board link into loop-back test mode and it seems all ok, Optus have tested their end and say its fine, but I am starting to think if the E1 sync side of the Optus equipment is where the problem is? Does anyone know of any other diagnostics to run on the epygi, before I call Optus's bluff on their side of the connection?

    Thanks in advance.

    Just a foot note it turned out to be the Telco's side was the problem. It is all working once they replaced their equipment.
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