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Thread: Blocking an extn.from calling a number

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    hello, since I can do so that two analogical extensions do not have access to make calls to the PSTN?


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    The question is not very clear for me but I will try to answer.If you have 2 analog extns. then those calls originated on the Quadro PBX such as a 4X.

    There are 2 methods. For 1 or 2 extns use the following:

    1. Go to Users/Extensions Management -> click on the FXS extn number.

    2.Go to Supplementary Services/Caller Id Based Services -> click ADD

    3. Select Call Type Auto and then enter the called number as the user would usually dial (ie. 99726921166). After thenumber is added you can click on the number and then enable "Outgoing Call Blocking".

    The 2nd method would be to put the called numbers in the Call Routing table and then add the Filtering Option for the entry. In Inbound Call Pattern put the extn numbers in brackets, {11,12} and set the Call Type to PBX.

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