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Thread: Aastra 5xi serie config and language pack

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    First question to Epygi:
    How to put de language pack on the quadro for the new phone Aastra 5xi series

    Hi all, this is the methode to setup the language pack FR-IT-DE-ES on the new Aastra phone 53i, 55i, 57i, 57iCT

    Tool need- PumpKIN TFTP server

    Step 1: Go to Aastra website and download the language pack for 5xi phone

    Step 2 : extract txt file on the root folder of your tftp server

    Step 3: with PumpKIN download aastra.cfg file from the Quadro and leave on your TFTP root folder

    Step 4: unplug the quadro from your router

    Step 5: plug and boot your 5xi Aastra phone (not in same network of the Quadro)

    Step 6: On your phone config manuali your network address subnet and gateway, DHCP as NO, config the TFTP server address then reboot your phone

    Step 7: in your web browser enter the ip address of your phone, log into admin user (default password is 22222).
    Go to Preference option
    at the buttom of the page
    In language 1 set: lang_fr.txt
    In language 2 set: lang_it.txt
    In language 3 set: lang_de.txt
    In language 4 set: lang_es.txt

    or only the language you need in 1 field

    Step 8: save and reboot you device

    Step 9 : In Pumpkin tftp server you see the aastra get aastra.cfg and all txt file

    Ste 10 :chek in the option language you have all language
    if you have Load Failed go to step 1 and retry

    Step 11: on web config on the aastra phone go to networks
    activat the DHCP serveur, in configuration server active http server, plug the Quadro on you network close you tftp server and reboot your phone


    Note: if you make factory default or remove all config you lost all language file. you need restart all of this step.

    Note 2 : The auto configuration for the new series work with the Quadro for configure the 53i, 55i, 57i phone use model 480i,
    for configure 57iCT use 480iCT model

    If you have any question in french or in english ask me !

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    Answer from Epygi -

    there is no way currently to put de language pack on the quadro for the new phone Aastra 5xi series

    We are currently testing the Aasta 5xi for compatibility, and will add them to the supported list soon (if they pass, of course). Concering langpacks for them... maybe we'll think about that later.

    Anyway, thanks for the hints


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    Aastra5xi series phones are already included into Epygi Supported Phones List and we are working on Language Pack support for them as well, as it was requested by several customers/resellers.

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    Language Pack support for Aastra phones will be available in Quadro version 5.0.x releases.

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