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Thread: Notifications email subject enhancements

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    Question Notifications email subject enhancements

    Currently the Epygi send email notifications with the single subject line:

    QUADROM-IPPBX notification email

    At a glance you can't quickly tell what the issue is about or which unit it came from!

    So for example you can't create outlook rules to auto file it in the correct outlook folder as the email comes in. This makes it hard to be quickly alerted to major issues vs minor notifictions as you must read each and every email content before you know what the notification is about...

    Can the email notifications be enhanced with the items below in the interest of making things easier to identify and act upon (as per every other product).

    I propose the below:
    Every email should be have the unit's host name in the subject and also the type of issues and the severity of it (as a word WARNING/CRITICAL/INFO etc rather than a number). The more detail info the better.

    For example from our firewall device

    [][INFO] Dhcp daemon not running - restarted

    Email subject should be in the format (or similar): [host-name][Priority] [Application] <Event>

    [central-pbx][WARNING][E1/T1] : all channel busy
    [central-pbx][CRITICAL][E1/T1]: Link 1 is Unusable

    This way at a glance of the subject line you will know which of the many unit is having the issue and what the issue is and how critical that it needs to be attend to.

    This should also applies to the SMS messaging (maybe send the email subject as the message) as you can't tell which unit sends them if you have more than one like we do.

    All the info are there in the email it just needs to be plug into the subject line which should not be that much work
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    Hi, makes sense, thank you for suggestion. Will consider it for implementing in upcoming releases


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