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Thread: 2xi Outgoing ISDN CLI

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    I'm trying to get an extension of my 2xi running firmware 4.1.18DST/Release to show the Auxiliary number, to no avail.
    For an outgoing call it only shows the Prime.

    I program the ISDN Trunk Default outgoing MSN to be the auxiliary, the
    call shows the Auxiliary, so I know the correct info is getting out
    from the 2xi.

    But when I try to do it from the routing table it doesn't work:

    Call Routing Wizard

    Summary - Edit Entry

    Routing Call Type



    Number of Discarded Symbols:




    Call Type:





    Workshop Axis local call

    Routing Call Settings

    Keep Original Caller ID:


    Port ID:

    ISDN Trunk1

    AAA Required:

    AAA disabled.

    Fail Reason:

    Cannot Establish Connection

    Routing Call Source Information

    Inbound Caller Pattern:


    Inbound Number of Discarded Symbols:


    Inbound Prefix:


    Inbound Call Type:


    I've noticed that if the calling extension is 34, the outgoing CLI is 94763634, i.e. the ISDN Trunk must be doing a partial match with the extension number, providing the CLI. Otherwise the CLI is the Prime, 94763580.

    Words of Wisdom please.
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    Here is short description of "Use Default outgoing MSN " checkbox"
    Use Default outgoing MSN checkbox selection allows to overwrite the source caller information with the one specified in the Default outgoing MSN text field when placing outgoing calls towards CO. Default outgoing MSN text field requires the Quadro identification number that should be registered and recognized at CO for outgoing calls. If this checkbox is enabled but no value is defined in the Default outgoing MSN text field, empty caller information will be sent to the CO. So in this case Quadro send only one Caller ID defined in Default Outgoing MSN.

    If this checkbox is disabled, source caller information will be forwarded to the CO. So in this case it is possible to send different kind of Caller ID. You can define(change) it in your Call Routing Rule (Inbound Prefix field.)
    You have to configure properly to send only Caller ID which you receive from your Network provider. Also please have a look Configuring Quadro with ISDN doc from


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