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    We've had and still have problems with analogue FAX connected to Quadros. Sometimes, customers are unable to send or receive fax. When trying to send fax to their location, there is no anwser from fax. This is happening on many different locations where we have installed Epygi quadro.

    First, we thought this is a problem on the SIP server and few months our SIP operator has switched to another SIP server. We thought the problem will be gone, but it is still there with exactly same symptoms, so we start to suspect that Quadro is causing problems.

    Are there any special configurations for analogue FAX on quadro that we should be aware of?
    Do you have any knowledge or experience with such fax problems? PLease provide some suggestions for solution to this.

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    The only parameters you have to configure on Quadro are "Enable T.38 FAX" and "Enable Pass Through FAX". Enable them on the fax extension's codecs page.
    To be able to help you the detailed technical description of the fax calls is needed. The most important thing to know is the call path (both signaling and media). Assuming that your analogue fax machine is connected to FXS port of Quadro. The question is where the remote fax is located, in PSTN, are you calling out from Quadro via SIP? Are you using T.38 or pass thru fax? Are you using ISTP services, etc.

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