Hi Sales,
Have a customer who has a request for a new feature I think would be easy to implement and will add to your IP phone feature set.

The customer has 4 Snom 370s with 2 expansion modules and what off hook and ringing status on 60 snom phones. Everything is working as designed with the expansion module showing the status of ringing or connected via monitored extension. What they also need is the ability to see the DND status on the monitored extension. They are looking for a new fast blink on the monitored extension when the extension is in DND status. The epygi knows this status and the Snom phone can recieve the SIP Notify with the blink option they need to determin if the line is busy, ringing or in DND. They use DND status to tell the attendant they are not able to recieve calls at the moment.

Hope you consider this request. I have several other customers requesting this capabilbiy.